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Why Choose FC England?

You want the best for your son or daughter. We understand that. At FC England, they will get the best of everything in youth soccer.

  • Quality Coaching – Coaches who have lived and breathed the game since childhood and played at professional level, deliver coaching which is among the best you will find anywhere in Southern California.
  • Progressive Philosophy – Our philosophy and approach will ultimately help develop your kid in a way that will allow them to fit into any team. No kickball, no win-at-all-costs mentality. We prepare players to be successful at High School and College level.
  • Mentorship – Our coaches teach much more than just soccer. They teach life lessons. Your son or daughter will be mentored by exceptional coaches who are excellent role models outside of soccer. They will be treated with genuine love and care; just as you treat them every day as parents.
  • More Practices – Many of our teams practice three times per week (at least for part of the season) and there are additional coach challenges every week outside of practice for extra training.

If you are a parent or player considering joining FCE and would like to see the evidence for yourself, please contact us and arrange to come to one of our practices or games. Call Paul on (310) 403-7166 or email