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FCE Tryout Process

IMPORTANT - You MUST print and sign the above waiver document and bring it to any practice or game if you are trying out.


If you are interested in trying out for any of our teams, please contact Paul Spacey via or (310) 403-7166. He will be able to provide you with more information on upcoming tryout opportunities.

How our tryouts work

Our tryout process is below and this approach ensures that we do not waste your time. 

1. We initially invite potential players to one practice to assess if there is a possibility that there might be a good fit for both the player and the team. If there is, we will invite you back to another practice and potentially a scrimmage also. 

2. If we feel that there is not a good fit in terms of the team and the level of the player, we will let you know and do our best to advise you where you might find a better fit, if you need help. We know that parents and players often look at multiple clubs and so we don’t want to waste your time and keep you hanging if there is not a chance of making the team.

3. If you attend another practice/scrimmage and we decide to offer you a spot on an existing team (for new teams forming, the process is slightly different), we will contact you by phone and/or email with an official roster spot offer. We only invite a small number of players to tryout at any one time (we do not have open tryouts) and so we ask for a quick decision as there are usually other players waiting to tryout for the spot.

Important: We will only add you to one of our rosters if we can see you as an immediate starter on the respective team you are trying out for. Because of this approach, more often than not players who tryout with us unfortunately do not end up being offered a spot on the team roster. Please do not take it personally if things don’t work out; most of our teams are now at a level where only a standout player will make it onto the team.

We are ultimately looking for players with the right attitude and work ethic. Soccer ability is important of course but our priority is a good attitude and willingness to work hard as part of a team. If you are not a team player, our club is not the place for you.


Tips for FCE Practice/Tryouts:

Work hard – this is the first thing we look for in any player. Not skill or tricks but we want to see if you have a good work ethic and a positive attitude. Give everything you have and show that you are prepared to work hard to improve.

Dress right – turn up looking like a soccer player; looking the part is more important than you think. This means wearing shorts (unless it is extremely cold) and no hoodies, baseball hats or items of clothing that are not associated with a soccer player. We wear navy blue for practice but you can wear any colors, as long as you look like you are ready to play soccer, not basketball or another sport.

Communicate – we know it’s hard coming into a new environment with kids you don’t know but we want to see players communicating, asking for the ball and giving advice when passing (“man on” or “time” for example). Again, communication is a big part of our coaching and so we need any potential new players to be prepared to talk.

Be comfortable under pressure – at least half of each practice is done in small, tight spaces and this is intentional. We want to put players in situations of pressure and have them work out a solution in terms of how to keep possession. If you are not comfortable in possession in tight spaces with pressure, you will likely find our style of practices difficult.

Be open to new situations – we don’t run typical ‘drill’ style practices where players stand in lines. Our practices are dynamic, intense and very much based on game situations, so you will need to be prepared to adapt as it is likely different than what you are used to.

Smile and enjoy it – we want to add players to our teams who love playing the game. We want you to really show that you want to learn and improve; this means working hard but having a smile on your face and looking like you truly enjoy playing.


If you have any questions, please contact our Director of Coaching, Paul Spacey, on (310) 403-7166.