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FCE Player Registration

There are two steps for new player registration at FC England.

Step One is the completion of CLUB registration. You will receive an email containing instructions for this. Click here to complete the FCE Player Agreement.

Step Two is the completion of CALSOUTH registration. This includes the Cal South Player Registration Form, CD Waiver and Concussion Information Fact Sheet (last page to be signed, dated and returned to FCE).  The documents are below.

Once you have completed the necessary paperwork, scan and email to and/or return the hard copies at your next team practice.

FCE Player Registration Forms

FCE Player Registration Checklist

1. Completed CalSouth Player Registration Form (link above) with signature at the bottom. You do not need to complete height, weight, Player ID etc; only personal details are required along with * asterisked items.

2. Copy of Birth Certificate or Passport showing date of birth (for players already registered with FCE, you only need to provide the birth certificate/passport when you first register, it is not required each season).

3. Head shot photo (no hats or sunglasses and player must be facing the camera). 

4. Print and sign last page (page 5) of the Parent Concussion Fact Sheet (link above).

Once you have completed the steps above, scan and email the documents to and/or return the hard copies at your next practice. If you have any problems with any of the steps above, please contact Ricky.