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Individual Training

We are often asked what individuals can do outside of FCE practice to learn and improve. Private Training is one option and Coach Phil can provide that via his fantastic Technical Discovery program. Pickup games with friends and organized futsal are also both very beneficial for development.

If players simply want to work on their own or with a friend/parent, below are two of the best options in terms of improving technical skills and ball control which are both fundamentally important for any player.

1. Ball and a Wall

This is an age-old approach that can hugely benefit any player. You don't need to rely on anyone else and you can explore using both feet to master control with all surfaces (inside, outside, sole). The video below gives some ideas of what you can work on with just a ball and a wall (a parent/friend can pass and act as a wall if you don't have the option of a wall).

2. Laces Passing/Shooting

Striking the ball cleanly with your laces is one of the best ways to pass/shoot, aside from using the inside of your foot which generally has more control but doesn't generate the same power/distance as using laces. This is a fantastic video tutorial on using the laces to strike the ball in different ways.