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Click Here to view our detailed College Recruitment Guide for High School soccer players (and parents).

FCE College Promise

Our College Promise is based on being with the club for at least 4 years. The longer you are with us, the more we can help you be prepared for college (both on and off the field). If you are with us for at least 4 years, we promise that you will be in a position to play in a wide range of college programs and so your choices will be greater than had you not spent time with us at FCE. 

There are two main ways we help you prepare:

  1. ON the field – our coaching approach and genuine focus on the development of every individual means that over the course of a number of years with us, you will become a well-rounded player who truly understands the game. It won’t be a case of just having soccer competence (which is important of course) but it will be a case of having soccer consciousness; that is the awareness of why you do things in certain situations, including a strong understanding of the tactical side of the game. This consciousness and game understanding will make you a versatile, adaptable player who is able to fit into any program or style of play.
  2. OFF the field – our coaches are mentors to all of our players and so we will help you develop your character in a positive way. We work on developing things such as resilience, confidence, tolerance and even banter (which is very important among groups of athletes). Over time, we will help you develop the mental strength to bounce back from setbacks both on and off the field and this is a crucial trait for any student-athlete looking to play soccer in college.