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Club Structure

FC England - A Unique Club Structure

Here at FC England, we have a unique way of running the club and organizing/coaching the teams. Essentially, this is how things work:

  1. We have three coaches (Paul, Ricky and Nic) – they are all ex-professional players from England with very similar backgrounds and the same philosophy and approach to the game and coaching.
  2. Coaches rotate practices each week, so players work with Paul one week, Nic the next and so on. This means that they essentially get input and guidance from three different coaches.
  3. Games also rotate in terms of coaches. For some games there are two or three coaches present and for others there is one, depending on the schedule for that weekend.
  4. Standard ‘drills’ do not exist in our practice design. We have a games-based approach where we teach everything via game situations with lots of it in small spaces to create pressure and decision making.
  5. We have an FCE Community Group online for parents and we publish educational material and articles here along with twice-weekly coach challenges (for players to get additional practice) and match reports. Match reports are designed to give players (and parents) feedback and suggestions for improvement from coaches after every single game. We are the only club in LA that does this as far as we are aware.

We are the only club in Southern California with this rotational coaching structure and our innovative approach is unique. It is made possible through a consistent and complimentary coaching message which comes from all three of our coaches.

We are very fortunate that our coaches had almost identical soccer backgrounds in England and now have a shared approach to how the game should be taught to youth players. Because of this, our philosophy is clear and consistent, regardless of which coach is working with the players.

Finally, our Director of Coaching, who is ultimately responsible for implementing our coaching curriculum and is the main point of contact for parents, also has an individual background which is pretty unique in club soccer, having been a high level player (15 years), referee (5 years including professional and international teams) and now coach (5+ years).

Almost everything about FC England is unique and we’re certainly one-of-a-kind in the club soccer world. For more information on our innovative approach or to organize a tryout for your son or daughter, please call Paul on (310) 403-7166 or email